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The Regen-R8 Solar Container is a modular, pre-engineered microgrid that integrates solar PV, battery storage, and inverters. The Regen-R8 platform aims to bring renewable energy to anyone who needs on-site / on-demand power – quickly, affordably, and effortlessly.


Regen-R8 systems are pre-wired in standard 20’ shipping containers to withstand harsh weather conditions, simplify shipping, reduce costs, and increase security. Solar arrays are mounted directly onto the container using ReGen-R8 proprietary racking system.


The platform does not assume or require any specialist knowledge or experience on the part of the user to configure, operate or support – allowing us to supply our customers with frictionless access to power when & where it is needed.

for 100%
Reliability at
Least Cost

Regen-R8 ensures accurate Solar Container sizing through an in-depth energy audit analyzing your consumption and load profile. We design your ideal microgrid solution optimized for your priorities, whether that be clean energy percentage, project economics, or reliability.

r8 solar
size range

The Regen-R8 Solar Container is highly configurable, with the ability to adjust the solar, battery, and inverter capacities to optimally serve your energy loads.

Shipping Size: 20’ x 8’ x 8.6’
Suitable for installation on any level surface

Component size ranges for a single container are as the following table:

regen-r8 solar
container features

Easily Assembled, Disassembled, and Moved

Online Remote Monitoring Software

Up to 50% Area Savings when compared to conventional solar farms

Battery system provides power when PV is not being generated

Fire suppression with either chemical or water agent

Intelligent inverters that increase the efficiency and extend battery life

Electrical fault and overcurrent protection

Vents and climate control for batteries and inverters

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