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partners in
the effort to
rebuild our
beloved region

Driven by a passion to solve problems, our approach does not rest solely on the sale of products and services. We take our role as change agents seriously. We transform the way our customers’ ventures are powered, watered, and grown, focusing on more affordable, less pollutive, and more regenerative solutions.

Our core strength lies in the diversity of our people, gender, ages, academic knowledge, and work experience, and our shared commitment to restoring vitality in the once bountiful countries of the Middle East through the application of cutting-edge technology, renewable energy, sustainable water practices, and regenerative agriculture.


(Co-Founder & CEO) has 20+ years of global experience developing businesses at the cutting edge of the energy industry. I bring to the team a disciplined yet creative approach to business leadership, operations management, product development & sales of products and services honed while running divisions of innovative companies such as SLB, GE, BKR, SLX). I have a deep-rooted commitment to my home country of Lebanon, and I seek to give back where I can by leveraging my industry experience, academic training, local knowledge and the enthusiasm and creativity of my co-founders in this venture to re-energize the agricultural sector in Lebanon.


(Co-Founder & COO) has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the American University of Beirut. I have worked as a mechanical engineer for 3 years at both Jiyeh and Zouk power plants with Middle East Power company. Then, I worked for 6 months as a mechanical engineer with Vantage Drilling that was responsible for drilling Lebanon’s first exploratory oil and gas well in block 4. Now, At the moment, I am the COO at YY ReGen specializing in renewable energy (solar PV, wind turbine, and biomass energy), water management systems, agribusinesses (sustainable agriculture), and responsible for technical and product development.

Dr. Munira

(Cofounder & Chairperson) Munira Khayyat is a professor of anthropology and a committed environmentalist, whose work revolves around life in warzones.  Dr. Khayyat conducted her fieldwork in South Lebanon in the wake of the devastating 2006 war, where she saw first-hand the devastation and deprivation caused by the collapse of the agricultural process in Lebanon which inspired her to cofound YY- ReGen as an enabler of the revival of productive agricultural activity in a regenerative manner better attuned to the local environment and resilient to external shocks.


(Renewable Energy Engineering Manager) Nicolas has a Master’s degree in electrical engineering and a master research degree in renewable energy from Saint Joseph University. Nicolas has 6+ years of experience in design, consultancy and contracting.  Previously worked at Dar al Handasa (Shair and partners) and Znshine Solar ME, a Tier 1 solar manufacturer. LEED Green Associate and member of USGBC.

Consultant for multiple NGO’s in Lebanon. Specialized in solar system for residential, commercial and industrial application.


(Agriculture Engineering Manager) in charge of YY-Regen’s sustainable agriculture engagements – the green brain of our enterprise, his focus is on innovative ways of growing, raising and marketing sustainable and ecofriendly products.